Weekly Marketing Tip

Weekly Marketing Tip

Develop A Guide

  • Nearly every lead you encounter is going to have lots of questions about buying, selling or renting, which means you’re probably answering similar questions over and over.
  • Create your own downloadable or printable guides you can give to leads that includes lots of information about processes and expectations.
  • Make sure it has your name or brand logo on every page so if it is shared online or printed, your name is in front of them as a reminder.


FREE App of the Week

Buffer: Scheduling for Twitter, Instagram & More – Share and schedule posts to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest and Linkedin all from one place.  Add pictures, links, texts or video to your Buffer.  Custom schedule or “post now” right from inside the app or use Buffer’s automatic feature that will schedule and space out your post throughout the day on your social networks.  If you are planning on traveling or stepping away from your social networks for a period of time you can schedule posts so it looks like you are constantly posting.

buffer 2 buffer 1


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