Weekly Marketing Tip

Make Social Communication Personal

  • When it comes to social media, don’t focus too much on ROI, instead, ask, “What’s the COI – the cost of ignoring?”
  • Each time you are mentioned on social media, the expectation is that you will respond.  By not responding you are missing great opportunities to build relationships.
  • Be sure to respond when it makes sense on social media.  If you can bring some commentary that is valuable, interesting or comical, then do so.

FREE App of the Week

Note’d – This app is a great tool for taking notes, creating a wish list, jotting down travel ideas, making a list for the supermarket, and so much more. One of the unique features of note’d is the way it displays all of your notes.  You can categorize them as different notebooks so you can keep everything organized and use it for work and personal note taking.

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