Weekly Marketing Tip


Weekly Marketing Tips

Marketing Who You Are vs. What You Do

  • How many times have you seen a vague tagline such as “Number One Agent”? (Who says? And how does that tell me what you’ll do for me?)
  • If you have a particular expertise in real estate or a certain set of traits that makes you a good salesperson, then use the “who you are” approach. For example, the tagline “Condo King” emphasizes the agent’s expertise and defines the audience he or she is targeting.
  • But if you’re better known for your actions or for providing a certain type of service, then you should consider the “what you do” approach. For example, with the instantaneousness of technology these days, it’s become more important for agents to respond immediately to queries from leads. So if you’re known for responding promptly — an important action you take — then you might consider a tagline like “Always on Call.”

FREE App of the Week

IF by IFTTT – This app is a clever way for unrelated apps on your mobile device to work together.  You can create “recipes” that involve a “trigger” (this) and a subsequent action (that).  An example would be connecting Evernote and Dropbox so that all Evernotes are converted to PDF and then saved automatically in Dropbox.  You can create a “recipe” that can send you a text message if the weather calls for rain.  There are many “recipes” to help you run your business!

if-1 if-2

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