Weekly Marketing Tip

Marketing to Millennials

  • Assume you will be searched extensively online before a prospect becomes a client, fill out all review sites and social profiles accordingly.
  • Be where they are…social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter and blogs are important to capture their attention.
  • Millennials are exercising more, eating better and smoking less than any prior generation.  When marketing, always feature the distance to a local park and gyms – this can be a key selling point.

FREE App of the Week

Encircle – Encircle app is a mobile and web tool for homeowners, property managers, inventory professionals and more.  Once you download the app you will pick a role and you’re ready to document a property.  Create picture inventory of a property and generate detailed reports.  There’s no limit to that and how much you can track.

5 Frightfully Fast Halloween Decorations


Between planning Halloween costumes and buying candy for trick-or-treaters, it can be tough to squeeze the creation of super crafty Halloween décor into your schedule, too. Don’t be scared of winding up with the least decorated house on the block – we’ve got you covered!

Here are five no-hassle Halloween decorations you can make in five minutes flat:

1. No-Carve Mummy Pumpkin

Materials: medical gauze, googly eyes, scissors and spray adhesive

This year, skip the knives and transform your pumpkin into an easy-to-make mummy. Wrap gauze (cheesecloth or toilet paper work, too) around your pumpkin, pop some googly eyes on it, and that’s it! Tip: To help the gauze stick, give the pumpkin a quick coating with the spray adhesive between each mummy layer.

2. Acorn Pumpkins

Materials: acorns, orange acrylic paint, paint brushes and a fine-tipped permanent marker

This project is great for kids! Send your little ones out into your yard to gather acorns. Once you have a nice collection of acorns, remove all of the tops. Now it’s pumpkin time! First, paint the acorns orange and let them dry completely. Then, use the marker to draw jack-o-lantern faces on the acorns. You’re done! Place them throughout your home for some finishing touches on a Halloween display.

3. Bleeding Candles

Materials: a set of tall, white candlesticks, and one small, red candlestick

Cast a creepy glow over any room with this twist on regular candles. With a little red wax, you can give the illusion that your candlesticks are dripping blood. Place the white candlesticks in holders, and light the red candle. As the red candle wax begins to melt, tip it over the white candles. When the red “blood” will drip down the sides of the white candlesticks. Tip: Prevent a Halloween disaster by doing this over a kitchen sink or outside, and be careful not to burn yourself!

4. Glow-in-the-Dark Ghosts

Materials: white balloons, a permanent marker and a few green glow sticks

Want a last-minute, frightfully fun door decoration? First, crack and shake a few green glow sticks so they’re lit up, and then put them inside of the white balloons. Blow up the balloons and tie them closed. Then, carefully draw ghost faces with your permanent marker. Attach the glowing ghosts to your front door or tie the ends with a string to hang them from your porch railing.

5. Candy Corn Centerpiece

Materials: one glass jar or vase, flowers or lollipops and a bag of candy corn

Is something missing from your dinner table – say perhaps, a perfect (and effortless) Halloween centerpiece? Dump the candy corn into the jar or vase, then add fall flowers or lollipops to the candy to secure them in place. Tip: You don’t have to use candy corn for this! Ghost-shaped Peeps, black licorice and gumballs all work well.


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Clean the 8 Dustiest Areas of Your Home


Most of the time, there’s no need to move your books when you dust here. You can just use a microfiber cloth to dust the tops and spines of books while they’re still on the shelf. But your spring cleaning session is also a great time for a deep shelf clean. To do this, remove all of your books, wipe down your shelf with a damp, soapy cloth and dry it with a clean cloth. Use this as an opportunity to audit your books. What can you donate? What can you sell? Getting rid of books can be a little painful, but it’s a great way to reduce clutter.


Knowing that dust is partially made up of fabric fibers, it makes sense that your closets are basically dust factories. If things have gotten really bad, it’s probably worth doing a full closet overhaul right now. But if you’ve stayed on top of your closet dust this year, wiping down any shelves with a damp cloth and a quick vacuum sesh will probably suffice.

Carpets and Rugs

If your carpets are wall-to-wall, vacuum regularly to get rid of dust. If you have rugs, take them outside and hang them on a clothesline, fence or other sturdy object. Then use a stick, broom or even a tennis racket to give your rug a thorough beating. Dust will fly away. You’ll breathe easier. The rest of the year, vacuum your carpets regularly.


Grab a small hand duster or a clean, soft-bristled paint brush, and sweep along the baseboards so that you remove any loose dust. Dip a soft cloth in soapy water, and then wipe the cloth along the baseboards, rinsing it out in your bucket as you go. If dust is stuck in the baseboard crevices, dip a cotton swab in the soapy mixture and use it to clean any hard-to-reach crevices or awkward corners along your baseboards. Once the dust is gone, wipe the baseboards down with a dry cloth.

Air Vents

If you feel like dust collects almost immediately after you dust, you can probably blame your air vents. If your air vents are coated in dust, you’re basically just spraying it throughout your house every time the air blows. Using a screwdriver, remove your air vent covers. Dip a soft cloth in soapy water and rub the cloth along the vents until all of the dust is gone.

Ceiling Fans

This one is pretty quick, but you may need a stepladder or stool to reach your fans. Spray an all-purpose cleaner like Mrs. Meyer’s Multi-Surface Everyday Cleaner on a soft cloth, and wipe the top of the blade until you’ve thoroughly removed the dirt and dust. Repeat this step for each fan blade.

Window Sills

Your window sills are basically a lovely little shelf for dust. To clean them, run a vacuum’s soft bristle brush extension along the sill to get rid of any loose dust. Then dip a soft cloth in soapy water, and run the cloth along the sill to pick up any stuck dust. Dip a thin, old paint brush in the same soapy water, and use it to get dust out of nooks, crannies and corners. Run a dry rag over your dust-free window sill and you’re done! Tip: Windows act as dust magnets, so repeat the process at least once a week to keep dust away.

Fridge Coils

Before you clean your coils, place a towel or piece of cardboard on the floor to catch dust. Unplug your fridge. Grab a vacuum’s brush attachment and vacuum all the loose dust off of your coils. (If you’ve never done this before, brace yourself for a dust storm.) Then, use a damp paintbrush to pick up any remaining dust. If you’re not sure where your fridge coils are located? Read this. Safety Tip: Anytime you’re going to move your fridge (even if you’re just pulling it away from the wall), it’s a good idea to remove everything from the top and grab a buddy to help you.


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Weekly Marketing Tip

Make Social Communication Personal

  • When it comes to social media, don’t focus too much on ROI, instead, ask, “What’s the COI – the cost of ignoring?”
  • Each time you are mentioned on social media, the expectation is that you will respond.  By not responding you are missing great opportunities to build relationships.
  • Be sure to respond when it makes sense on social media.  If you can bring some commentary that is valuable, interesting or comical, then do so.

FREE App of the Week

Note’d – This app is a great tool for taking notes, creating a wish list, jotting down travel ideas, making a list for the supermarket, and so much more. One of the unique features of note’d is the way it displays all of your notes.  You can categorize them as different notebooks so you can keep everything organized and use it for work and personal note taking.

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Weekly Marketing Tip


Weekly Marketing Tips

Marketing Who You Are vs. What You Do

  • How many times have you seen a vague tagline such as “Number One Agent”? (Who says? And how does that tell me what you’ll do for me?)
  • If you have a particular expertise in real estate or a certain set of traits that makes you a good salesperson, then use the “who you are” approach. For example, the tagline “Condo King” emphasizes the agent’s expertise and defines the audience he or she is targeting.
  • But if you’re better known for your actions or for providing a certain type of service, then you should consider the “what you do” approach. For example, with the instantaneousness of technology these days, it’s become more important for agents to respond immediately to queries from leads. So if you’re known for responding promptly — an important action you take — then you might consider a tagline like “Always on Call.”

FREE App of the Week

IF by IFTTT – This app is a clever way for unrelated apps on your mobile device to work together.  You can create “recipes” that involve a “trigger” (this) and a subsequent action (that).  An example would be connecting Evernote and Dropbox so that all Evernotes are converted to PDF and then saved automatically in Dropbox.  You can create a “recipe” that can send you a text message if the weather calls for rain.  There are many “recipes” to help you run your business!

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