Weekly Marketing Tip

Weekly Marketing Tips

Productivity-Boosting Habits

  1. Write down daily goals – Divide into have-to-do and want-to-do
  2. Break up your projects – Working on a new marketing product or presentation? Give yourself a due date and schedule out the days when you will work on it
  3. Take a break – It’s been proven that taking a break will improve your productivity levels
  4. Have a quitting time – No matter how much you love what you do, knowing an end time is essential.  Set an end time to keep a healthy work/life balance


FREE App of the Week

Ripl – Create eye-catching animated posts and stand out on social media.  Customize font, color, and music and pick from a variety of eye-catching styles to showcase your content.  Just one tap to share on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  Keep track of engagement on your posts – in one place and use up to 8 photos in an animated collage or slideshow.

ripl 1.JPG

Virginia Beach Homes


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