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Cause Marketing

In cause marketing, everyone benefits. For realtors it can be a great way to support charities and organizations – and the community.

  • Choose a cause you believe in. Whether donating time or money, align yourself with a group that has a mission you can get behind and support
  • Tout your involvement. Marketing is all about visibility. People need to know what you’re doing and why. Whether you hang a banner at a charity event, place a Miracle Home sign rider on a listing, or give an announcement for donations in a press release, your affiliation can help shape positive perceptions about both you and the organization
  • Stick with it. Approach this as a sustained effort. The longer you’re involved, the more you can give, and the greater the rewards will be for you and the organization

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Headspace – Headspace is meditation made simple. Take advantage of these 10-minute meditation activities that will help you deal with stress. Benefits of meditation include better focus, more smiling, becoming a better listener, experiencing peace of mind. Start 2016 off right and see a positive change with 10 minute activities every day.


Weekly Marketing Tip

Twitter Tips

  • Tweet tips about moving and selling
  • Tweet local news and follow local companies/news channels to get more content to tweet or retweet
  • Tweet questions and use relevant hashtags to get noticed:

What’s the best thing about moving to a new home? #moving #newhome #virginiabeach

What would your ideal kitchen look like? #kitchens #dreamhome #newhome


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Work Time- Not just a clock, Work Time is your second screen. The time, date, calendar, your schedule of upcoming events, and current weather conditions all at one glance. Insanely easy to use and great for the busy agent.

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The Cost of NOT Owning Your Home


Owning a home has great financial benefits. Because of this, more and more experts are growing concerned about the ramifications of a falling homeownership rate. Today, let’s look at the financial reasons why owning a home of your own has been a part of the American Dream for as long as America has existed.

The outcomes of a falling homeownership rate can be devastating. As explained by ApartmentList.com:

“Our research indicates that not owning a home has a sizable financial cost, as renters miss out on low mortgage rates and are hit by higher rents.

This phenomenon may exacerbate inequality in our society, as those wealthy enough to invest in real estate benefit from lower interest rates, whereas minorities and younger Americans, hit by rising rents and student debt, risk being locked out of homeownership.”

What proof exists that owning is financially better than renting?

1. A study published by the Joint Center of Housing Studies at Harvard University shows the financial benefits of homeownership. The study mentions five major financial benefits:

  • Housing is typically the one leveraged investment available
  • You’re paying for housing whether you own or rent
  • Owning is usually a form of “forced savings”
  • There are substantial tax benefits to owning
  • Owning is a hedge against inflation

2. Studies have shown that homeowners have a net worth that is 45X greater than that of a renter.

3. Just last month, we explained that a family buying an average priced home this past January could build more than $46,000 in family wealth over the next five years. 

4. Some argue that renting eliminates the cost of taxes and home repairs. Every potential renter must realize that all the expenses the landlord incurs are baked into the rent payment already – along with a profit margin!!

Bottom Line

Owning a home has always been, and will always be better from a financial standpoint than renting.


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Weekly Marketing Tip

Weekly Marketing Tips

Productivity-Boosting Habits

  1. Write down daily goals – Divide into have-to-do and want-to-do
  2. Break up your projects – Working on a new marketing product or presentation? Give yourself a due date and schedule out the days when you will work on it
  3. Take a break – It’s been proven that taking a break will improve your productivity levels
  4. Have a quitting time – No matter how much you love what you do, knowing an end time is essential.  Set an end time to keep a healthy work/life balance


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