Weekly Marketing Tip

Blog Posts for Your Listings

Three Features that Every Post Needs

  1. The title must grab attention.  A good idea is to have the title be a home characteristic and then the location.  This is good for SEO purposes.  (Beautiful Oceanfront Home on Smith Street)
  2. Choose photos wisely.  Do not use photos that are too small, blurry, or cutoff.  Articles with the right images get 94% more total views.
  3. Content must focus on target customer niches.  Create the blog post to reflect your listings and the consumers who want them.  The main goal is to market to the ideal segment of potential clients.


Free App of the Week

React Mobile- Thus app keeps you connected to others whenever you feel unsafe.  Share your location with trusted contacts in real-time.  Simply slide the app control to the yellow “Follow Me” button, which allows you to choose which contacts you would like to share your location with, slide the green “I’m Safe” button to let them know that you’re okay, or slide the red “SOS Help Me” button to send an emergency text to certain contacts.  The app automatically calls the local authorities when a “Help Me” message is sent out.

Virginia Beach Homes


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