Where Are Interest Rates Headed This Year?

With interest rates still below 4%, many buyers may be on the fence as to whether to act now and purchase a new home, or wait until next year.

If you look at what the four major reporting agencies are predicting for 2016, it may make the decision for you. The chart below averages the predictions by quarter.


With the exception of Fannie Mae, the experts agree that interest rates will increase by three-quarters of a percentage point, costing you more to pay back your loan.

Bottom Line

Even a small increase in interest rates can put a dent in your family’s wealth.


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Weekly Marketing Tip

Master Listing Presentations

  • An important part of your marketing strategy should be your in-person sales techniques.
  • Think of the most common questions you face during listing presentations and learn how to react if prospective clients bring them up.
  • Take the time to create visual presentations, whether it is a booklet, slideshow or video.

listing pres

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Weekly Marketing Tip

Improve Brand Awareness with Instagram

  • Instagram is a social network focused on photo and video sharing.  Similar to Facebook and Twitter, you have a scrolling feed of posts from your friends, businesses and people you follow.
  • On Instagram you can post photos and videos of your listings, clients, local information, or personal experiences that are appropriate for the public to view.
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Weekly Marketing Tip

How to Deal With a Bad Review:

  1. Write a response to the review that is just the facts and without emotion.  Responding to the review shows that you actively listen to your clients and that you acknowledge what happened.
  2. Offset negative reviews with positive reviews.  Having one negative review is not that bad when you have several other good ones.
  3. Get more testimonials:  Create a plan and let your clients know early in the process that once the transaction is complete you would love a review of your service.  At the closing table remind them about the testimonial and send an email with links to places you want them to review you.  Make it simple for them.


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