Weekly Marketing Tip


Social Media Links

  • Are you on Social Media? Do your clients know how to find you?
  • One of the best ways to get your Social Media sites noticed is to add Social Media Links to your website and vice versa!
  • The more links you share, the more authenticity you gain on search engines in your area
  • Basically, if you’re online, you need to make it incredibly easy for people to find you and get in touch with you. Links get this done and can boost your rankings!

real estate marketing

FREE App of the Week

Twist- Let your friends, family and business associates know what time you’ll arrive by sending them a twist!  Request someone’s arrival time if they’re coming to you!  Organize a pickup for other people!  Select your destination, pick the people you want notified, and press the create button!  If you change your mind just cancel it.  Great for business meetings, picking up your kids, etc.!

real estate app


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