Weekly Marketing Tip

Social Media Posts:  All About the Timing

  • Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin all have ways to measure results right from your page!
  • Do your research to figure out what times, days, and types of posts (video, pictures, articles) your audience is engaging with.
  • Doing research will help you understand your viewers and get more interaction on your sites.  This is hopefully your goal!

social media timing

FREE App of the Week

Divyit-  Do you have tenants that split rent and utilities?  Tell them about this app and you will look like a miracle worker!  Divyit helps to easily split bills with roommates, friends, or families.  Simply enter monthly bills, utilities, house supplies, etc.  Divyit will show you the simplest number of payments owed by each user.  You can also email participants the breakdown of costs!


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