Looking at Beach Style Homes in Your Area? Here are Some Features to Keep an Eye Out For

Houses these days can come in all types of styles, from the southwestern Mission style homes to the rustic cabins in the mountains. For some homeowners, though, nothing beats the aesthetic of beach style homes, no matter which body of water you live near. Finding the perfect beach house for sale is a dream come true, whether it’s in the resale or new home listings.

If you’re looking for your next house — or simply browsing beach vacation homes for your next getaway — you’ll have plenty of options no matter which part of the country you’d like to live in. Here are a few features of beach style homes to keep an eye out for when you’re conducting your house hunt:

  • Size:Beach houses come in all shapes and sizes, so it’s important to consider how much space you need — and how much you’re willing to spend. Because beachfront property is already quite expensive in most areas, you might end up choosing a smaller home in order to get the advantages of the location. A small one-story bungalow may give you less room and, potentially, land, than a mansion, but it’s a trade-off for the spectacular views and access to the ocean or lake that you get living on the beach.
  • Location:Because beach style homes are available all over the country, you’ll have to consider several different issues. One is the body of water you choose to live near. Oceanfront living can be much different than living near a small lake, for instance. Another thing to consider with your location is how long you’ll be able to enjoy that beach. Some homes give you access to the water year-round; others, especially those in colder climates, may only give you the chance to enjoy the lake or ocean during the summer season.
  • New Home vs. Resale:When you’re looking for a house on the beach for sale, you’ll likely have two options: new constructions and resales. New constructions are brand new, never lived in homes. A resale has been lived in previously. Although new constructions are popular, especially in housing developments, existing home sales are on the rise, too. Between May 2012 and May 2013, existing home sales grew by 12.9%, according to Realtor.org.

    However, no matter which type of house you choose, you’ll see the benefits of owning a home regardless. A mortgage will help you to build equity, which has financial benefits, and buying a house can also give you a tax advantage that renting can’t.

If you have questions about buying beachfront property or about living near a body of water, be sure to speak with a qualified Realtor. He or she should be able to help you make an educated decision when it comes to buying your dream home on the beach.

Have more questions about beach living or home-buying? Leave a comment below.

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