4 Easy Ways to Green Your Move

A new home is an exciting fresh start. Actually moving into that new home, however, can be a huge pain.

To add to the stress of shuffling houses, it’s hard to keep your carbon footprint low when you’re dealing with cardboard boxes, tape, bubble wrap and Styrofoam.

Keep your move in Virginia Beach “green” with these tips:

Look for Green Peanuts

Yes, we literally mean green-colored packing peanuts. The moving industry got together and decided to bereally obvious with their packaging, so the green-colored items are often biodegradable, recycled or derived from renewable resources like vegetable oils.

Always read the label to make sure, but grabbing green packing peanuts is typically going to be a safe bet!

Rent Boxes

Cardboard boxes are a pain for several reasons:

  1. If you can’t find them for free, you have to pay for them.
  2. There’s a high probability that the bottom of your box will break if you move anything heavy. And there goes your stuff!
  3. They take at least two months to decompose in a landfill, which isn’t great on the conscience.

Instead, go plastic! Services like ZippGo.com will deliver plastic boxes to your house, then pick them up when you’re done moving for as little as $99. You’ll save time hunting down boxes and avoid broken-bottom situations during the move.

Give Best Buy Your Old TV

Often times, moving means you get to upgrade your things. If you’re considering new electronics or appliances for your new home, give Best Buy a call. Through their recycling program, they’ll take nearly “all electronics and large appliances” off of your hands at no charge. Staples also has a similar program.

Donate Used Boxes

If you decide to use cardboard boxes during your move, no worries! You can lower your carbon footprint afterthe move by donating your gently used boxes.

Most moving companies will gladly take those boxes off of your hands. You can also post them on Craigslist – most recipients will probably come to you to grab the boxes, so you can avoid a trip to the dump.


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