1. Go vertical. If you’re not packing a big square-footage punch, your walls are your new best friends. Whether it’s a vertical garden, a magnetic spice rack or just a few extra shelves, you can maximize your space by using the height of your walls.

2. Go big. It seems counterintuitive, but four or five small pieces of furniture won’t serve you as well as one or two big ones. We’re not saying you should put a pool table in your living room, but don’t be afraid to try that larger sofa.

3. Use your doors to the max. Don’t let the front of your cupboard or cabinet door have all the fun. Use the inside, too! A mini-shelf on the interior of a door can hold tons of stuff: spices, utensils, you name it. Plus, your doors can be used to display art. Fill glass panes with maps, or hang art on the inside of infrequently-used doors.

4. Watch the arms. No, not your arms. Chair arms! They may be comfy, but they take up a lot of extra space. Try some armless options for your tiny room, they can be just as comfortable. We promise.

5. Put your TV on the wall. Even if you have a flat screen, propping it up on a clunky entertainment system can hog three or four square feet. Wall-mount that baby and do something else with the space you open up.

6. Install above-toilet shelves. It’s easy to let this prime bathroom real estate go vacant, but it’s a great space! A few shelves above the toilet can hold magazines, toiletries and towels. Candles aren’t a bad idea, either.

7. Double up on closet rods. Two is always better than one (except when it comes to dishes in the sink), so why not install a second closet rod? Use it for another row of dresses, or throw on some hanging shelves for your shoes.


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