Weekly Marketing Tip

Weekly Marketing Tips

Keep Track

  • One of the first questions you should ask a new contact is how did they find you?  Did they find you on Facebook or your website?  Were they referred to you?  Or did they read one of your ads?
  • Keep track of how people are finding you!  If you pay for an ad and no one ever mentions the advertisement…is it worth it?  Maybe you could spend that budget on something else to get more attention.
  • Create a spreadsheet or on your email contact list add this information because it is important and could also be used for conversation at another date.


FREE App of the Week

Do- Social Productivity

Do keeps you and the people you’re working with in sync.  This app helps you organize projects, track contacts and close deals.  The app has a “Sales Progress” feature to help track and meet sales goals.  The “Virtual Checklist” that allows you to assign tasks to others by groups or projects.  It also enables secure sharing or information.


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